On shaky ground (2012)

13 Colour Posters.

At first part of a larger print series for the “Life in Bytom” exhbition at CSW Kronika, Bytom. Then presented as selection for the XX Mänttä Art Week, 2015.

Economy aims to establish itself as a format defining not just political and social action but our whole lives. Art can work with this life form and even disregard the world created by economy.

Body Without Organs (2008)

Exhibition at Gallery Katariina, Helsinki. June 2008.

Mixed media and all sized 120×180 cm.

Loop Variations (2008)

Drawings with ink and watercolour. Series presented at the MUU gallery, March 2008.

All sizes 45×45 cm

Drawings (2007)

Drawings made in 2007. Mixed media and sizes.

Fashionable manners (2006)

Drawings on ready-made imagery about the representations of fashion. Marker on paper.

Drawings (2004-06)

Pencil drawings for the “Sinä / You” exhibition, Rajatila Gallery, Tampere 2005.

Drawings (2004)

Pencil drawings made in 2004, in Chicago.

Drawings (2003)

Drawings made during 2003. Mixed media and sizes.

Ein Gespenst (2002)

Embroidery, 30x50cm

Fabrications (2002)

On text and fabrication. Drawings made in 2002. Mixed media and sizes.

MAA (2002)

Brush and ink drawings on paper. Gestures and meditation practice.

Kopros (2002)

Drawings of faeces. Ink on paper.