At “Loitering With Intent” event

March 5-7, 2014

Stockholm University of Arts and Society for Artistic Research

More information about the event here.

Photos: Daniel Lagerlöf

What can a performance do in the context of modern biopolitics and immaterial labour, where  subjectivities are administered to function or panic? Here, what can a performance or artistic practice do, is not only rhetorical.

I present schizoanalysis as a device, which may be used in performance practice, performance pedagogy or as a tool to investigate the biological, social, material or political forces which constitute subjectivities and bodies. I will present schizoanalysis as a device to articulate the processual nature of the production of subjectivity in the context of modern biopolitical administration.

In this schizoanalytic performance, my aim is to investigate a capacity to make relations with affects without interpreting their meanings; in other words the difference between the molecular non-discursivity and stratified representations.