Artist & researcher

Curriculum Vitae

Updated 07/2023
Tero Nauha

b. 1970

Doctor of Arts (Theatre and Dance)



Professional appointments

2018- Professor in Performance Art and Theory, Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki

2016-21 Postdoctoral researcher, The Academy of Finland. “How to do things with performance?”

2017 The postdoctoral fellowship in the arts, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies


2016 Doctor of Arts, Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki.

2011 Visiting research student, Goldsmiths College of London, Department of Visual Cultures.

2000 Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Publications & presentations
Monographs & editor

2021      Activating Dissonance: 20 Years of Live Art Education in Finland. (ed.) Tero Nauha, Helsinki: Uniarts Helsinki

2020     Performanssifilosofiaa (eds.) Tero Nauha, Annette Arlander, Hanna Järvinen ja Pilvi Porkola. Helsinki: Theatre Academy.

2016      Schizoproduction: Artistic research and performance in the context of immanent capitalism. (Doctoral dissertation). Helsinki: University of the Arts Helsinki.

2015      Provocation & Heresy. Malmö: Förlaget

Peer-review publications


“The Machinic Desire of Cinema” Machinic Assemblages of Desire: Deleuze and Artistic Research 3. Eds. Paulo de Assis & Paolo Giudici. Leuven: University Press


“Fictioning a Thought of Performance” Aberrant Nuptials: Deleuze and Artistic Research. Eds. Paulo de Assis & Paolo Giudici. Leuven: University Press

“The Experience of ‘Something’ in Performance”, Ruukku Journal, Nr. 11. http://ruukku-journal.fi/issues/11

“The Expropriation of the Force-(of)-Thought in Artistic Practices” Parse Journal, 2019, Vol. 9, https://metapar.se/journal/issues


“A Stranger thought: victim thinking and fictioning” Näyttämö ja tutkimus, 7. Eds. Anna Thuring, Anu Koskinen & Tuija Kokkonen. Helsinki: Teatteritutkimuksen Seura.

“Aesthetic Intra-Action” Ruukku: Studies in Artistic Research, Nr 9 Eds. Katve-Kaisa Kontturi, Tero Nauha & Milla Tiainen. http://ruukku-journal.fi/fi/issues/9

“What is Refugee?” with Will Daddario, Janhavi Dhamankar, Milton Loayza, Jon McKenzie, Yana Meerzon, Theron Schmidt and Aneta Stojnić. Performance Philosophy Journal, Vol 4, No 1 http://www.performancephilosophy.org/journal


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“Schizoproduction and artistic research.” The Dark Precursor: International Conference on Deleuze and Artistic Research. Edited by Paulo de Assis and  Paolo Giudici. https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/238321/238322


“Plasticity and schizoanalytic performance practice: the production of subjectivity in a post-industrial town of Bytom.” Ruukku nr 1/2013.

“Schizoanalysis as a Method in Artistic Research.” Journal of Artistic Research, No. 3, http://www.jar-online.net/

Other publications


Performance art in practice pedagogical approaches. Ed. Aapo Korkeaoja. Kankaanpää: Worthwise


“The pedagogy of live art perspectivism”, Ale dlaczego ja to pytam? – But why am I asking this? ed. Tomasz Drewicz. Poznan: Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu


“A Performance Entangled with Philosophy” Nivel: Poetics of Form, vol. 8. http://nivel.teak.fi/poetics-of-form. Helsinki: Uniarts Helsinki.

”Ajattelun mahdollinen talous”, Taide, Työ ja Kritiikki. Ed. Martta Heikkilä. Helsinki: Mustekala.

“Performance art can’t be taught”, Performance artists’ workbook, ed. Pilvi Porkola. Helsinki: Theatre Academy


“Życie w Bytomiu / Life in Bytom”, Social Works: Prace Społeczne. Ed. by Stanisław Ruksza. Bytom: CSW Kronika.


Yhdessätuotanto by Bracha L. Ettinger. Translation in Finnish by Katve-Kaisa Kontturi, Ilona Hongisto, Heidi Fast, Leena Aholainen, Akseli Virtanen and Tero Nauha. Helsinki: Tutkijaliitto.

Conference Presentations


”The act of pollination turned into a task of knowledge production” Starptelpa: Collaborative authorship in per-formative arts. June 14, 2023. ISSP Gallery, Riga.

“The effects of financialization to art education, research, and practice: risk, volatility, and the unknown un-knowns” ELIA Biennial Conference 2022: No Stone Unturned, 23.-25.11., Uniarts Helsinki


“Assetization in the art education and investee condition of the artists in Finland” 13th Critical Finance Studies Conference (September 6-8), University of Leeds, Tilburg University & University of York.


“The Transformative Potential of Perfomance”, Carpa 6, Uniarts Helsinki

 “End: the finitude of performance” Urban Imaginaries: Aesthetics, Art & Research, Lauttasaari Manor, Helsinki.

“Elastic Connections. A Long Table by How to Do Things with Performance project” Psi#25, Calgary

“Long Table on Productive Gaps by How to Do Things with Performance project” SAR, Zurich

“The expropriation of the force-(of)-thought in performance”, 4th Biennial Performance Philosophy Conference, University of Amsterdam.


“How to do things with performance in alliance with things, concepts, bodies or plants?” Alliances & Commonalities. Stockholm University of the Arts, October 25–27.

“From performance as thinking to performance philosophy”. IFTR: Theatre and Migration. University of Belgrade, July 9-13.

“Fictioning the Real in the post-industrial town of Bytom”. Urban Matters: material engagements with communities and borders in times of movement, conference of the new materialisms. Utrecht University, June 20-22.

“The heresy of artistic practice and the lived body in performance”. Third Conference of the International Society for Heresy Studies. The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature, London, June 15-16.

“The concept of performance as thinking: a perspective on performance philosophy” Cultural Mobility and Performativity Studies, Jagielloninan University in Kraków, May 28-30.

“Regurgitated perspectives” 9th SAR International conference for artistic research: Artistic Research Will Eat Itself. University of Plymouth, April 11-13.

“Digital archives and the learning processes of performance art” Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries, 3rd Conference. The University of Helsinki, March 7-9.


“Fictioning a thought of performance” DARE 2017: International Conference on Deleuze and Artistic Research: Aberrant Nuptials, Nov 20-22, Orpheus Institute, Ghent.

“An advent of performance” CARPA 5 Perilous Experience?– Extending Experience through Artistic Research. August 31 – September 2, Uniarts Helsinki.

“The unstable ‘fictioning’ in performance and philosophy” IFTR: Unstable Geographies / Multiple Theatrics, July 9-15, University of São Paulo.

“Philosophy of the refugee” working group, Psi#23: Overflow, June 8-11, Kampnagel, Hamburg.

“Fictioning a performance” performance and lecture, ADiE: Talking Thinking Dancing, June 6-8, Dance4, Nottingham.

“A posture of performance”, Dialogues on Dance, Philosophy, and Performance in the Contemporary Neoliberal Moment, June 1-2, University of Coventry.

“What is Given?”, How To Do Things With Performance? –research group. Please Specify: Sharing Artistic Research Across Disciplines. SAR Helsinki, April 28-29, Theatre Academy Helsinki.


“The questionable representations of the producers: artistic practice, migrants, expats and the locals in Andalusia, Spain”, The Swedish Research Council Symposium, November 29-30, Linnéuniversitet, Växjö.

“A speculation on a body and posture in performance art practice”, 7th Annual Conference on the New Materialisms, September 21-23 2016. Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences.

“A speculation on a body, thought, and non-standard philosophy in performance art practice” TAPRA, September 5-7, The University of Bristol

“A thought of Performance,” Conference of the Society for European Philosophy. August 25-27, Regent’s University London.


“Schizoproduction and artistic research,” The Dark Precursor: International Conference on Deleuze and Artistic Research, November 9-11, Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium.

“Carceri: Prisons of Invention,” with Karolina Kucia, Transversal Practices, VI Conference on New Materialisms, September 27-29, The Victorian College of Arts, The University of Melbourne, Australia.

“Doing Schizoproduction Together,” 2nd Biennial Performance Philosophy Conference, April 10-12, The University of Chicago.


“What is Monumental Today” seminar, Manifesta 10, October 10, St. Petersburg.


“Plasticity and performance: the production of subjectivity in a post-industrial town of Bytom”, New Materialism: Movement, aesthetics, ontology, May 16-17, University of Turku.

“Life in Bytom: The Actual forms of plasticity”, CARPA3 colloquium, February 28-March 2, Theatre Academy of The University of Arts Helsinki.


“Performance and contingency of contaminated human capital”, PSi#18, June 29, University of Leeds.

“Life in Bytom”, Performance & Philosophy: How performance thinks, April 13-14, Kingston University.


“Sponge subjectivity”. Trashing performance. October 25-30., Goldsmiths College, Live Art Development Agency & Toynbee Studios, London.

Supervisor and examiner positions

2020- Doctor of Arts supervision, performing arts, Uniarts, Helsinki

2019- Doctor of Arts supervision, music technology, Sibelius Academy of the Uniarts Helsinki

2020- Doctor of Arts supervision, scenography, Aalto University

2016-19 Doctor of Arts supervision, department of arts, Aalto University

2009-18 Five MA thesis supervisions in Theatre Academy

2016-18 Three MA thesis examiner in Theatre Academy    

2018 MA Thesis supervision, Academy of Fine Arts

2016 MA Thesis examiner, Academy of Fine Arts



Huokoinen ele / The Posture of Impermanence, curator with Christine Langinauer, Artsi Museum Vantaa


Sivuhenkilöitä / Minor Characters, Minna Henriksson & Tero Nauha, Maa-tila, Helsinki


Parantola, Paimio Sanatorium, Arte ry, Turku

Sinä ja Minä, ARTSI Vantaa Art Museum, Vantaa


XX Mänttä Art Festival, Mänttä, Finland.


Wywrotka / Capsizing, Huuto Gallery Jätkäsaari, Helsinki


Friends of ruangrupa. Jakarta, Indonesia

Projects and performances


Tulipää/Firehead, performative couture for Juha Valkeapää, Helsinki


Traje Performativo: MPR21, performative couture, Mostra de performances, CEIA Belo Horizonte

Current. Mix. Currents. Performance Protocols, Akusmata gallery, Helsinki

thought of performance, performative installation, Research Pavilion, Helsinki


Putki-festival, Fiskars

Performance Thinking with Oceanique, “Squash & Stretch”, Oxford Brookes University


Océanique, Night of Philosophy, Helsinki Festival, Kiasma


Thought of performance (with Theremin and turntables)

– Turku New Performance, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum

– Camino events, Research biennale, Venice, Uniarts Helsinki.

– Experimental event, Aalto University, Pori

– Turku New Performance, Turku

– theatre.now, Kiasma Theatre


Disappear One, actor in a film essay by Silvia Maglioni & Graeme Thomson


L’Histoire du Soldat. Vanha, Helsinki. Dir. Esa-Pekka Salonen, chor. Kristiina Helin

Manamachine: schizoproduction, “Matters of Time”, Frankfurter Kunstverein

– Mad House event, Helsinki

– Heponauta exhibition, Hyvinkää Art Museum                               

La Mettrie, Tonight event. Gallery Augusta, HIAP, Suomenlinna    

Partial drool, erotic teeth, pins and needles. “Loitering with Intent”, Stockholm University of The Arts


Faciality. Performances Finlandaises. Le Lieu, Quebec.

Astronomer: experiment, with Cássio Santiago & Juha Valkeapää. Sesc Pinheiros, São Paulo


Coland, Samtalkøkkenet, Galerie Nikolaj, Copenhagen.

Motor City, Potentials of Performance. LADA, Performance Matters, ]performance space[ London

– Miraculous/Organic, Skånes Konstföreningen, Malmö

Tell Me About Your Machines, New Performance Festival Turku


Life in Bytom, performance was performed in the following venues and festivals:

– CSW Kronika, Bytom, Poland (2012)

– Sesc Pinheiros, São Paulo, Brazil (2013)

– New Performance Turku (2014)

– “Manifesta on Board” event on board from Helsinki to St. Petersburg, (2014)

– “Festivaali”, Theaterdiscounter in Berlin, (2014)

– Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki (2014)


Kafkamachine, PaF (St.Erme), Lissabon—Saõ Paulo. mollecular org, Presque ruines, Ueinzz.


#we are the käpytalists!#, (Karolina Kucia & workshop group), Rahkee, Eno


Ritornello, (with Karolina Kucia), Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio, Rome


Various performances with KUKKIA group (with Karolina Kucia) in the following  venues and festivals:

– Là-Bas event, Kiasma, Helsinki

– Live Art festival, Theatre Academy

– Taju07, Hyvinkää

– Là-Bas, Cable Factory, Helsinki

– Vaihtolava, Helsinki

– Kajaani Theatre Symposium

– PAIR1, Lahti

– Fluxee performance art club, Turku

– Y gallery, Tartu, Estonia

– Anti Festival, Kuopio

– Wäinö Aaltonen museum, Turku

– Postsovkhoz04, MoKS, Mooste, Estonia


Several performances with Houkka Brothers (Pietu Pietiäinen, Kristian Smeds, Juha Valkeapää) in European theatre festivals with the theatre play “Wanderer” and musical “Children, Birds, Flowers”.

Residence artist


Circolo Scandinavo, Rome, Italy

SÍM, Reykjavik, Iceland

Villa Karo, Grand Popo, Benin


Cité des Arts, Paris, France

2002 & 03

Kökarkultur, Åland           

Works in collections

The City of Vantaa
The City of Hyvinkää
Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam
Private collections

Honorary Positions

2021 Mlode Wilki Art Prize jury, Szczecin Academy of Arts, Szczecin, Poland

2020 Member of Board of The Arts Promotion Centre, subcommittee of Performing Arts

2019-22 Conference Committee member, Performance Philosophy conference, Uniarts, Helsinki

2015-16 Chairman of the Board of The Arts Promotion Centre, subcommittee of The Visual Arts

2013-14 Member of Board of The Arts Promotion Centre, subcommittee of The Visual Arts

2007-12 Chairman of the Board of The Art School Maa, Helsinki

Grants and Scholarships (selection)

2016 The Finnish Cultural Foundation

2016 AVEK

2015 Frame Fund Finland

2013 Kone foundation

2009-11 The Art Council of Finland, the 3-year Artist Grant