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Performative Attire – Traje Performative MPR2021

Some time ago I sent a few questions to Marco Paulo Rolla, where I asked some questions to begin a project Performative Attire. Rita Vargas helped me in serigraph printing patterns and colors to cotton fabric.I asked Marco what is the color of the future, or, what should we wear for the performance of tomorrow. I asked many other things. Marco answered that future is grey and acid green, but it should be tones of green, red, and ultramarine blue, and that the most powerful word today is Love.I struggled with these answers. I struggled with the form of the attire, pattern, and colors. Eventually, a kind of soft armor, a new kind of costume for the future samurai was made.I had spent days with this material, handling every inch of it: drawn, cut, pricked, and sewn, then washed and ironed. Then, it was wrapped, packed, and shipped to Marco.On October 30, 2021, Marco performed the Performative Attire – Traje Performativo in Mostra de Performances MIP4, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, following the recorded instructions I had sent to him.This is the documentation of this experimental project with a link to performance: https://youtu.be/7RuaroaSmUo?t=1581