Artist & researcher

Heresy & Provocation

A novel published in the '& PROVOCATION' book series (2015).

Heresy and Provocation is my first book as philofiction.

This text is a parricide against pop philosophy or philosophizing artistic practice. Philofiction is a term used by François Laruelle when referring to fictionalizing philosophy, not in order to create a conflated melange of sorts in the World, but a mix of things: a non-philosophical attempt to work alongside the indifference of the real. All knowledges, philosophical, artistic, and fictional, are equally valid and equally weak models of the real. 

The book includes an ‘Afterword’ by Peter Pál Pelbart.

Editors of the series, Maria Stiernborg & Ludvig Uhlbors. ISBN 978-91-7611-179-6. www.forlaget.org