Artist & researcher


KAFKAMACHINE project took place in 2010-2011 as an organizational experiment on cooperations to come. Its beginning was in the notes written by Félix Guattari in the 1980’s, published recently under a name Projet pour un film de Kafka. The project followed up in a film “Disappear One” by Graeme Thomson and Silvia Maglioni, as well as a mediaproject by Ana Fradique. Yet, at first the project begun in the invitation to join the Oklahoma Theatre in Lisbon, and after a two-week trip accross the ocean, in a performances in Sesc Santos and Sesc São Paulo in 2011.

KAFKAMACHINE took place and form in the aftermath of the financial crises of Europe, when the precariousness of immaterial labour defines our every day, semiocapitalism exercises its arbitrary power and forces us to continuously exploit ourselves and our friends while cynicism, depression and detachment form others have become important means of one’s survival.

It is organized by Akseli Virtanen from Future Art Base in Aalto University, Helsinki. KAFKAMACHINE is a collaboration with Mollecular organization, Ueinzz Theatre Group and Presque Ruines.

The list of all participants in this project included: Heidi Fast, Ana Fradique, Luca Guzzetti, Klaus Harju, Karolina Kucia, Lennart Laberenz, Elina Latva, Tero Nauha, Pekka Piironen, Akseli Virtanen, Kari Yli-Annala, Julio Lucio, Lisa Rave, Lucas Rodrigues, Eduardo Lettiere, Adélia Faustino, Maria Yoshiko Nagahashi, Amélia Monteiro de Melo, Valéria Felippe Manzalli, Alexandre Bernardes Moreira Antunes, John Alfred Laudenberger III, Ana Carmen Martin Del Collado, Erika Alvarez Inforsato, Ana Goldenstein Carvalhaes, Paula Patricia Serra Nabas Francisquetti, Simone Da Silva Mina, Cássio Diniz Santiago, Elisa Band, Fabrício de Lima Pedroni, Leonardo Lui Cavalcanti, Onés Antonio Cervelin, Luís Guilherme Ribeiro Cunha, José Petronio Fantasia, Peter Pál Pelbart, Bracha Ettinger, Violeta Coral Salvatierra García de Quirós, Carla Bottiglieri, Thomas Josef Greil, Sílvia Maglioni, Graeme Thomson, Olivier Apprill and Brent Alton Waterhouse.