Artist & researcher

Chalky white substances cultivating the kitchen table at the Hakaniemi apartment

In this performative presentation, located at the apartment in Helsinki, my aim was to make a connection between the historical heretical practices with the more decentralized contemporary cultures, such as performance art when it appears as emergent, and not as hegemonic practice of canon. I created a relation between the corporeal practices and different modes of writing.

My proposal was to move away from the logic of ‘knowledge production’ toward circulation conditioned with precarity. We may call this as precarious heresy, where heresy emerges within the increase of the uncertainty in the society. However, my non-standard reading of heresy claims that heresies are not derived, modulated, mimicked, cloned or deviated from the hegemonic, canonical, or centralised procedures, cultures, or protocols. Rather, we could say that there are only heretical attributes, traces and dust particles or heretical force of thought in the society, groups, assemblages, etc. 

In the end, my aim was to look into heretical practices as futures and options; fictioning and fabulations, which nevertheless are performative — and inherently social.